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National Get Organized Month – Tips

Becoming organized.

Did you know January is celebrated as the Get Organized Month throughout the country? It was founded by the NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) in 2005.

To celebrate National Organization Month 2023, here are a few tips to help make your year more organized, orderly, and productive.

National Get Organized Month – Tips

1) Create Deadlines and Schedules

Those who are well-organized rarely squander time. They understand that maintaining order is essential to continuous efficiency. They create weekly and daily goals to better utilize their time.

A cluttered lifestyle makes it impossible to accomplish goals or meet deadlines.

The first thing we recommend doing this year is creating a bucket list (if you do not already have one). This list should contain everything you hope to achieve in 2023. After that, craft a detailed plan you need to take to materialize those targets.

2) Keep All Your Essentials in a Single Place

An easy way to simplify your life is to keep all your essentials – including your phone, wallet, and keys – in the same place. Ideally, this spot should be somewhere close to your entryway.

This way, you will not have to waste time and energy searching for these essentials every time you need them.

3) Limit Distractions

The more organized your workspace is, the more you will be able to stay focused for longer periods of time. Avoiding interruptions helps you stay concentrated on the job at hand.

A clean and uncluttered environment can significantly help keep distractions at bay. During times of deep work, we recommend keeping your phone, tablet, and diversions in a different room.

4) Be Wary of Bargains

Instead of leaping on to every bargain offer without planning, step back and consider what you actually need. Think about whether what you are about to buy will actually be a useful resourceor only contribute to clutter and disorganization.

Here is an experiment: visit a mall or a store without any money. Identify everything on sale, and make a note of things you would have wanted to buy had you brought cash along.

If you found nothing worth buying – good. If you did, make a list of these things and store it with you. Revisit the list around a month later. If you still feel the need to buy those things, feel free to do so.

5) Take Breaks

This often feels counterintuitive, but breaks are an integral component of productivity. They keep you refreshed and help maintain your focus and efficiency over extended periods.

The key is not to go too fast and burn yourself out, but to maintain a healthy and sustainable level of productivity. Keep this in mind the next time you feel guilty about spending a few minutes away from your computer screen or not answering your emails right away.

Wrapping Up

There you go – a few simple ways to make 2023 the most productive and organized year of your life.

However, despite their simplicity, these tips can take time to implement and embrace. Thus, you must remember to be easy and gentle with yourself while making these transitions.