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7 Things to Ask Before Purchasing Pet Insurance

By September 1, 2021Insurance
Finding the right pet insurance plan.

Pet insurance can prove beneficial to many pet parents and can help cover several of your pet’s veterinary bills. Pet insurance is offered by numerous insurance companies and provides private coverage for a pet’s costs, just like regular insurance covers medical expenses for humans. Since there are so many options on offer, choosing a particular insurance plan can feel confusing and overwhelming. In this blog, we will discuss some essential questions that you need to ask during the pet insurance purchasing process to make sure that you find a plan with which you are content.

Things to Ask While Purchasing Pet Insurance

1) If you are looking for a comprehensive plan or a discount plan:

There are differences between the two. With discount plans, you pay a yearly fee and benefit from discounted pet and veterinarian services. A comprehensive plan, meanwhile, works in much the same way that a health insurance plan does.

2) If you will be at liberty to choose veterinarians:

Every plan comes with its distinct rules. Ideally, your chosen plan should either allow you to select vets or should include your preferred vet.

3) The waiting period:

Like with every kind of insurance, you will have to wait a certain period before the policy can take effect. Make sure that you are clear about the starting and ending times for your specific policy coverage.

4) If the policy will cover routine wellness procedures:

Comprehensive policies usually cover routine visits like heartworm testing, dental care, and immunization. So, if you purchase a comprehensive policy, make sure that it covers these standard procedures.

5) If the policy covers spaying or neutering:

Neutering and spaying coverage can be an excellent benefit since these services are used by many pet owners and can provide additional cost savings. Although neutering and spaying are usually not a part of the basic accident and illness insurance programs, they are offered in several preventative and wellness insurance plans. Since the plans are expected to cover these services, neutering and spaying insurance usually costs more than basic accident and injury policies.

6) If the plan includes prescription coverage:

With improving care and technology for pets, prescription coverage has become essential for pet insurance plans. If your pet falls ill, it is likelier than ever that they will require prescription medications, which, like any prescription, can turn out to be expensive.

7) If the policy comes with any incident or illness caps:

Usually, every pet insurance will come with a limit or ‘cap’ regarding the provider’s amounts in case of specific incidents. For instance, the cap for spaying might be different than the cap for broken legs – which is why you must learn about these policy caps.

We Can Help You:

You need to feel at ease with your chosen insurance company. Remember that, since the company will be responsible for handling your insurance claims, you must choose a company willing to guide you thoroughly and answer any questions you might have. Our experts at Renee Jackson Insurance Agency can help you find the insurance agency and policy that suits you and your pet’s needs and requirements. If you have any questions regarding pet insurance policies, please feel free to reach out to us.